Sunday, June 13, 2010

Chang Festival is coming...

Chang Festival is coming on 16 June, to try our delicious home make Nyonya Chang.... Do call me.....


  1. hi Baba Charlie,

    I must tell you, each time we go back hometown, your place is a must stop by place.

    Nasi lemak with the sambal & kangkung.. cannot find other place !

    Was there last week & today, your mum remembered we met at my brother's wedding in Jan 2010 :D

    Can I suggest you create a Facebook profile.. easier to reach out :)

    Helen (KL)

  2. A friend of mine recommended your kuih to me as she said you are famous for your kuih.

    My family is coming from Holland and will be visiting Melaka from 18-20 December 2013. I understand that you have kuih making course and my daughter and I are very interested to learn how to make them as we cannot buy them from Holland. We are available on 20 Dec. to take the course. I hope you can make exception for us.

    I can be contacted on this email until 17 Dec. as we will be flying off on 18 Dec.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards,
    Lai Yoke