Saturday, March 6, 2010

Letter from customer

This is one of the letter from the customer... really appreciated.. many thanks....

Dear Sir, Greetings from Singapore! I was in Melaka on Saturday(9-1-2010) and visited the Pasar Malam there. My friend and I bought a few of your kueh to try as we had just finished a hearty lunch an hour ago. we love yourkueh so much! Also, I am a lover of Tapai and have occasionally buy the pulut one in Singapore as it's rather difficult to get them here. I must tell you your Tapai Pulu is the best I've tasted and my greatest regret is not buying more!!! The next time I visit Melaka I vow to go back to your store again and make sure I can eat your Tapai Pulu to my heart's content.



  1. hi planning to come to Melaka on Sat and really love to try your kuay too! Where exactly Kota Laksamana Pasar Malam is? Is it near Hotel Puri Melaka? Or any landmark nearby?

  2. This is Charlie's Add: 72, Jalan Tengkera Pantai 2 C Tel 019 666 2907. From end of Jonker street, Drive straight to Tengkera road. About 3km along the main road, look out for the ice cream sign (Walls, the red love shape) on your left. It is narrow road between wooden houses & shops, my house is right at the back. You can click my google map on the bottom of my blog.

  3. Go to Google Map, Type "Baba Charlie Nyonya Cake", it will my location (GPS 2.202999,102.231485)