Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ondeh-ondeh.... by Baba Charlie

Ingredients :
8-10 pandan leaves, 200g glutinous rice flour (sifted), 1/2 grated coconut (mixed with a pinch of salt), For filling : combined 100g gula Melaka or palm sugar and 1 tbsp soft brown sugar
Method : Put pandan leaves and a little water in a liquidiser. Blend into a coarse pulp. Strain using a sieve to obtain two tablespoons of thick juice. Set the juice aside.Put sifted glutinous rice flour and pinch of salt in a mixing bowl. Pour in boiling hot water and pandan juice. Stir well to form a smooth dough. Divide dough into small pieces and form lime-size balls. Flatten each piece, put half a teaspoon of filling in the centre and roll again into ondeh-ondeh balls.Drop the ondeh-ondeh into boiling water. When the balls are cooked they will float. Scoop up the ondeh-ondeh with a perforated ladle and toss in grated coconut. For garnishing, put some sesame seed.

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